Faith Builder - Logos to Rhema

You will find the word "logos" in the Greek means the
"said" Word. That means it has already been spoken.
The written words in the Bible are the logos. They were
inspired by God and written down by holy men of God.
However, the "rhema" Word in the Greek says it is the
"saying" Word. In other words, it is being spoken now.

When you read scripture in the Bible you are reading
the logos, but when the Holy Spirit breathes on that
Word giving you revelation knowledge of that Word, so
it becomes real to you, that is the rhema Word and it has
the power to do whatever that scripture says.

Let me give you an example. A woman has been
diagnosed with terminal cancer. She picks up her
Bible and reads in 1 Peter 2:24, "by whose stripes
ye were healed." She has just read the logos, the said
Word. But, she decides to meditate on that scripture and
by faith begins to thank, praise and worship God because
that scripture says she was healed almost two
thousand years ago because of the stripes Jesus
Christ took on His back for her healing.

So, one day while she is meditating on that
healing scripture and praising, thanking and
worshipping God by faith for her healing, the Holy Spirit
gives her revelation knowledge of that Word
so faith is released in her to cause that scripture
to become alive in her. She now believes in her
heart and not just in her head she is healed.
She has received the rhema of that Word. The anointing
released by that rhema Word drives out the cancer.
She has received her healing. Praise God!

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