Faith Builder - Cancer Is No Match For God's Word

Bessie had been my spiritual mentor when I was very
young in the Lord. She was a prayer warrior and a
pillar in our church. But one day she was diagnosed with
cancer. Being a praying person, she went to the Lord
with her physical problem and waited for His answer.
He told her when His Word became more real to her
than the cancer, then she would receive the manifestation
of her healing.

There are numerous healing scriptures in God's Word.
She must have grabbed on to at least one and believed it
until it became more real to her than the cancer. 1 Peter
2:24 says we were healed almost two thousand years ago,
we just have to believe it: "By whose stripes ye were

What did she do to get God's healing Word to become
so real to her? I did not ask her what she did, but
she must have read and meditated on those healing
scriptures until she was convinced God's word was true
because she was completely healed of that
deadly disease, cancer. Meditate on God's
Word until His promises become real to you.

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